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Microsoft Teams Training Courses

Microsoft Teams is the standard for workplace communication platforms and offers a variety of tools and integrations to make collaboration with your team seamless. Teams lets you stay connected to your colleagues from anywhere, increasing productivity and optimizing communication.

With native tools and a collection of addable apps, you can tailor Teams to the way you work to help you stay organized. Personalize Teams with integrations created to make the most out of the platform. From analytics to workflow automation, Microsoft offers hundreds of apps to optimize your experience.

With so many features and customizations, it’s easy to see why Teams has taken over the virtual office. For more information, check out our online Microsoft Teams courses for more in-depth tutorials, tips, and best practices.

Microsoft Teams Courses

Microsoft Teams End User Training

Teams Training from New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft Office 365. Learning how use Teams is will enhance your ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues in business and classmates in education. 

Because Teams connects with SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Office 365, it streamlines document and workflow collaboration. 

Comprehensive Teams training from New Horizons includes courses for basic usage and collaboration, as well as administration. Whether you're brand-new to Teams or seeking advanced knowledge on how to manage Teams for your organization, we've got you covered.